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Continuous Hydrolyser

  • Brand: Sunrise
  • Application: Feather Meal Project
  • Shipping: Air / Sea / Train / Truck
  • Warranty Period: One Years with Lifelong Free Service



Jiangsu sunrise continuous hydrolysers are the most advanced and easy to operate units available. The hydrolysers are specifically designed for the processing of feathers, hog hair and animal offal.

A batch cooker is a type of industrial cooking equipment used in food processing and production. It is typically used to cook large quantities of food at once and can be used for a variety of food items such as soups, stews, sauces, and more. Batch cookers can also be used for other food preparation processes such as blanching, pasteurization, and sterilization. They can be operated manually or with the use of computerized controls. Batch cookers are commonly used in commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and other large-scale food production facilities.

Design characteristics

  •  Continuous automated operation.
  •  Special main shaft designed to ensure efficient and uniform hydrolysation.
  •  Safeguards against plug feed loss.
  •  Only one pressurized stuffing box must be maintained.
  • The continuous hydrolyser can be manufactured in stainless steel, carbon steel, or in a combination of the two.
  •  Low steam consumption, 0.71lbs raw material feather per kg.
  •  Supplied as one complete unit incl, all necessary instruments and valves.
  •  Continuous hydrolyser complies with GB national standards and each machine is produced, inspected and tested in accordance with GB pressure vessel standard and regulations.

Technical parameter

Technical Specification Unit Model
Capacity t/h 2.5 5.0 7.5 12
inlet size mm 925×405 925×405 925×405 925×455
Size A mm 2450 2600 2650 3000
Size B mm 7250 9250 10250 10950
Size C mm 2900 3100 3200 3450
Weight mt 12 15 16 18
Power-loading kW 22 37 45 55
Power-hydrolysing kW 15 18.5 22 30