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CZW-2000 (Small and Medium Modules)

Product introduction: Small And Middle Rendering Unit is a rendering equipment independently developed by Jiangsu Sunrise Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which is mainly suitable for the emergency treatment of sick and dead animals in small and medium-sized farms. The characteristics of this set of equipment are as follows:

1. Compact structure and small footprint, greatly reducing the use of land;

2. Affordable, less investment;

3. Simple operation, convenient and fast, full PLC control, power on, can be put into production;

4. After the work is completed, it will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The staff will not contact with carcasses of infected animals throughout the process, which is safe and environmentally protection;

5. The whole process of closed production has no odor, the sterilization rate can reach 99.9%, minimizing secondary pollution of the environment and meeting the requirements of national anti-epidemic regulations;

6. Avoid the phenpmenon of cross-contamination caused by the large-scale transportation of dead animals and poultry to the harmless treatment center. It can be disposed of harmlessly in the farm to prevent the leakage of pollution sources.CZW-2000