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Management redeployment in industrial production is a world problem that affects production costs, efficiency and safety. Sunrise recommends PLC control system to you, the operation is simple, convenient and fast. PLC controls the whole process, just connect with the power is ready for production.

PLC does not require a large number of active components and wired electronic components. Its connections are greatly reduced. At the same time, the maintenance of the system is simple and the maintenance time is short.

PLC is a control device specially designed for industrial production process control. It has simpler programming language and more reliable hardware than general computer control. A simplified programming language is used.

The self diagnosis function of PLC requires less maintenance skills for maintenance personnel. When the system fails, the maintenance personnel can quickly find the fault location through self diagnosis of hardware and software.

The programming languages adopted by PLC include ladder diagram, Boolean mnemonic, menu diagram, function module and statement description programming language. The diversity of programming methods makes programming simple and applications expanded. The operation is very flexible and convenient, and it is very easy to monitor and control variables.

The computer can monitor the production condition of the production line at any time, and timely find faults and deal with them. Small size, light weight and low energy consumption.