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Shuanghui Group is located in Luohe city Henan province, it began to run in February 2015, its capacity is 200 thousand birds chicken feather and 10T dead chicken per day.

Shandong Huimin Feijia Feed Co.,Ltd. belongs to Shandong Zhongtian Food. Group is located in Huiming, county, Binzhou city, Shandong Province. It began to run in August2021capacity: 30tons poultry waste per day.
Shandong Fambros Group, located in Fambros Industrial Park, Yanggu County, Liaocheng city, Shandong Province. It began to run in July, 2021, capacity: 120-150 tons poultry waste per day.
Dalian Mingchuan Food Co., Ltd. located in Wafangdian city, Liaoning Province. It began to run in Oct. 2020, capacity: 120-150tons poultry waste per day.
In addition to domestic companies, we also have far-reaching and meaningful cooperation with international companies AGROSUPER, DLG, Leong HUP, CP Group. We provide excellent equipment for a grouper, DLG, Leong HUP and CP Group and formulate exclusive solutions for them.
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Jiangsu Sunrise Eco-protection has been focusing on livestock and poultry harmless treatment equipment, slaughter waste protein resource conversion equipment and animal fat smelting equipment for 30 years.