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Disc Dryer

  • Brand: Sunrise
  • Application: Fish Meal Plant | Meal Plant & Fat Plant
  • Shipping: Air / Sea / Train / Truck
  • Warranty Period: One Years with Lifelong Free Service


Disc Dryer Application

Jiangsu sunrise disc dryer is indirect steam heated and designed for continuous cooking or drying of animal by-products or fish.

A disc dryer belongs to the category of industrial machinery employed for the drying of diverse materials, including sludge, sewage, and food items. The material to be dried is spread out evenly over a rotating disc, where it is heated and agitated by a series of scrapers, paddles, or other mechanical devices. The combination of heat and agitation prompts the moisture within the material to vaporize, resulting in a dry and solid end product. They are commonly used in the food, chemical, and waste management industries.

Design characteristics

1. The wet material is fed into the dryer through the inlet at the dryer end. After water evaporates, the material is sent to the other end through the variable speed screw conveyor.

2. The rotor consists of a central pipe on which vertically arranged and parallel discs with double walls have been welded.

3. This design results in a concentrated heating surface offering maximum evaporation capacity in a compact design.

4. It is designed to run under 6-10 bar steam pressure. Only one pressurized stuffing box must be maintained.

5. The stator of the disc dryer is manufactured in stainless steel. The rotor can be designed with mild steel or stainless steel, depending on the characteristics of the dry product.

6. The product is different, the feeding speed is different, can be used different spade and agitator to adjust the feeding speed.

7. It complies with GB national standards and each machine is produced, inspected and tested in accordance with GB pressure vessel standards and regulations.

Technical parameter







Disc dryer model Specification Heating area Power Shipping Parameter
Length Width Height Weight
m2 kW mm mm mm T
SWGZ1228 1228 60 45 7750 2050 2600 22
SWGZ1242 1242 90 45 9700 2050 2600 26
SWGZ1537 1537 110 45 9050 2200 3200 31
SWGZ1542 1542 130 45 9750 2200 3500 37
SWGZ1850 1850 215 75 11100 2560 3500 52
SWGZ2050 2050 250 75 11300 2800 3650 59
SWGZ2550 2550 400 110 12200 3300 4150 84
SWGZ2555 2555 441 110 12700 3280 4120 90

Depending on the thickness of the disc. The size and weight may be different depending on the application and material specification.

Disc Dryer FQA

Q: What is a Disc Dryer?

A: It is a type of industrial drying equipment that uses a rotating disc to dry materials through a combination of heat, airflow, and agitation.

Q: What materials can be dried using?

A: It possesses the capability to efficiently dry an extensive array of materials, encompassing powders, granules, pastes, and slurries. Their prevalent application occurs within the realms of the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Q: How does work?

A: They typically consist of a rotating disc that is heated by a steam or thermal fluid jacket. The material to be dried is fed onto the disc, where it is agitated and spread out by the rotation of the disc. Hot air is blown through the material, removing moisture and drying it.

Q: What are the advantages?

A: They are recognized for their exceptional thermal efficiency, rapid drying speed, and adeptness in managing an extensive array of materials. Additionally, their design is relatively straightforward, and they are straightforward to maintain.

Q: How to choose the right disc dryer for my process?

A: Selecting the appropriate disc dryer is contingent upon the attributes of the material slated for drying, which encompass factors like particle size, moisture content, and flowability. The production capacity, thermal and mechanical requirements, and the available space for the dryer should also be considered.