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Sunrise rendering plant (animal protein conversion industry)

14 4 月, 2023

Sunrise rendering plant processing equipment manufacturer

The animal protein conversion industry (rendering plant) refers to the industry that converts animal by-products such as bones, internal organs, and hides into high-quality animal protein for use in the food, feed, cosmetics,and other industries. The development of this industry aims to address the waste of animal by-products in traditional agricultural production,while also reducing reliance on natural ecological resources, improving resource utilization efficiency, and promoting environmental protection awareness.

The main products of the animal protein conversion industry include meat powder, bone powder, feather powder,fish powder, blood meal, bone collagen, gelatin, collagen peptides, animal fats, etc.These products are widely used in the food industry, such as meat products, dairy products, pasta, biscuits, etc.;the feed industry, such as pet food, aquaculture, poultry and livestock feed, etc.;and the cosmetics industry, such as skincare products, makeup, shampoo, etc.

Sunrise rendering plant processing procedures of meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, and animal fats are roughly shown in the following figure.

Crushing: Large animals and frozen materials will be crushed to make them easier to process and handle, improving processing efficiency.It can also ensure that they are evenly distributed in the processing process, ensuring product uniformity and quality.Crushing large animals and processing frozen materials can increase product yield and reduce material waste.Crushing large animals and processing frozen materials can reduce friction and resistance in the processing process, thereby reducing processing energy consumption costs.

Small animals such as chickens, ducks, geese, and fish do not need to be broken when not frozen, and can directly enter the next stage.(The specific situation depends on the status of the materials and the arrangement of technical personnel.)

High-pressure cooking: Small animals and crushed materials will undergo high-pressure cooking,which can denature proteins and change their properties and functions to make protein molecules more easily digestible and absorbed,thus increasing the biological utilization rate of proteins. In addition, high-pressure cooking can kill bacteria and viruses, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the products.

Oil pressing: After steaming, the material will undergo oil pressing, which is a common method of separating fats and proteins from animal by-products. The significance and effects of oil pressing include:

1.Increase revenue and profit: through oil pressing, the remaining fats can be separated from animal by-products,increasing the utilization rate of fats. The fats can be sold separately or processed to increase revenue and profit.

2.Improve protein utilization: after separating fats and proteins from animal by-products, the protein can be further processed to improve its biological utilization.Removing fats can reduce fat intake and increase protein intake, which is beneficial for animals to better absorb nutrients. Additionally,removing fats can reduce gastrointestinal burden and lower the risk of digestive problems.

3.Reduce quality loss: fats are one of the factors that cause food spoilage. Removing fats can reduce the spoilagerateof meat and bone meal, improving product quality and stability. Therefore, oil pressing can improve resource utilization, reduce waste, increase revenue and profit, and is in line with sustainable development principles.

The above layout and introduction are simplified versions for your understanding of the industry and processing technology.Most of the mechanical equipment and process steps are omitted. If you have any needs in this area,please contact us. We can design a reasonable process and equipment layout for you, and provide specialized mechanical equipment to meet your production needs.

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