What Is A Meat Meal Machine?

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What Is A Meat Meal Machine?

11月 29, 2022

What’re The Types Of Meat Meal Machines?

To better understand what is a meat meal machine, you should first understand the types of meat meal machines. In rendering plants, there are some types of meat processing machines.

1. Pelletizer Machine

The first one is the pelletizer machine. This machine can produce different sizes of pellets from raw materials. It is used to produce meat pellets.

It extrudes the meat and grinds it into small pieces. The pelletizer machine can be divided into two types: single-screw and twin-screw type. Each kind of pelletizer machine has different specifications, such as its capacity, processing speed, power consumption, etc.

2. Mixer Machine

The second one is the mixer machine, it’s one of the most important processes in meat meal making. Mixer machines can mix meat and other additives with water, salt, and other additives to make different kinds of meat meals. This machine is used to mix the raw material with other materials such as water or fat before it is processed into meal products.

3. Grinder Machine

The third one is the grinder machine, which can grind all kinds of meat into small pieces so that they can be processed into meat meal products easily.

The grinder machine is used to grind the raw materials into smaller pieces. This machine has two kinds: single shaft and double shaft. The single-shaft grinder machine is composed of several parts, such as the feeding part, grinding part, and discharging part. Like Sunrise Pre-crusher, it’s designed for size reduction of complete carcasses of raw materials.

After the materials are crushed by the feeding part, they will enter the grinding chamber through the feeding port of the feeding part, then they are crushed by teeth and roller in a grinding chamber at high speed. The crushing material will be discharged from the discharge port after being crushed by the roller.

The double-shaft grinder machine like Sunrise Double Shaft Crusher is composed of two machines: one is for processing materials continuously, and the other is for processing materials intermittently. In this case, people can get more advantages than a single-shaft grinder machine such as high efficiency, low noise, long service life, etc.

4. Mixer-Grinder Combination Machine

The fourth one is a mixer-grinder combination machine. It combines both mixer and grinder functions into one unit so that the operator can use it conveniently and efficiently.

This machine like Sunrise Milling Plant uses high-pressure air to mix and grind the raw materials into fine particles. After that, the finished product can be directly packed into plastic bags or silicone cans for storage or transportation

5. Extruder Machine

The fifth one is the extruder machine which has two types: single-screw and twin-screw extruder machines. Both types of extruders can extrude your raw material by using high-pressure steam or air to force them through a die at high speed.

The main parts of the extruder machine are the barrel, screw, and motor. The barrel is made of stainless steel material with high-temperature resistance and acid-resistant ability. It has a double-layer structure for energy-saving purposes. The screw is made of alloy steel material with good wear resistance and high strength, so it can use for a long time without replacement.

What’s The Application Of A Meat Meal Machine?

What is a meat meal machine

The application of a heat treatment meat meal machine in a rendering plant is mainly used to process the raw material into a meal. The varieties of meat can be animal by-products, waste kitchen oil and fat, fishery waste, and so on. The meat meal machine has the functions of drying, pre-processing, extracting oil, disintegrating, and separating oil cake. It is an ideal equipment for rendering plants to process raw materials.

The main parts of the machine are a grinding mill, extruder, and filter press. The extruder is used to produce the pre-cooked meat meal. Meanwhile, it can also produce collagen protein powder by adding some other ingredients during the production process.

The filter press is used to separate oil cake from water and then filter out water with filter cloths or filter paper etc. In addition, it has functions like drying, deodorizing, and cooling, etc. Finally, it can produce edible fat under a certain temperature range.

The machining principle of this machine is simple: the raw material enters the hopper for preliminary grinding. Then it goes through the feeding device into a screw conveyer tube for continuous feeding. It enters the hopper again for final grinding by grinding roller and enters the extruder for cooking

Why Use Meat Meal Machine In Rendering Plants:

Meat meal machines used in a poultry meat rendering plant are quite different from those used in other industries. The rendering plant is an industry that handles animal byproducts and uses them for different purposes. The meat meal machines used in these plants are of different types and sizes, depending on the size of the plant itself.

Meat meal machines used in rendering plants are mostly used for grinding up fatty tissue and bones from carcasses into small particles that can be used as meat products fertilizer, bone meal, or animal feed. This process is called rendering and it takes place after the carcass has been cleaned, cut, and processed.

The main reason for using meat meal machines in rendering plants is that they make it easy to grind up the entire carcass into small pieces that can be easily stored or transported to another location if needed. This also ensures that all parts of the carcass are utilized properly so there are no waste products left over at all.

Why Choose Sunrise Meat Meal Machine?

Through the simple description above, believe you should have a basic understanding of what is a meat meal machine, so now let’s discuss why choose the sunrise meat meal machine.

The Sunrise Meat Meal Machine has a large-capacity hopper, which can work continuously without stopping, to process large quantities of raw materials. It has an advanced structure of the transmission part and the gearbox.

The gearbox uses high-quality steel plates and gears to ensure the durability of the machine. However, it is essential to ensure that you have the best equipment for the rendering plants so that you can make the most efficient use of your time and resources.

High Quality

The Sunrise Meat Meal Machine has unique technologies that can grind, cut, and slice meat into different sizes. It’s made of high-quality material, making it durable and long-lasting. It features a unique design that allows it to run at a low noise level while producing high output performance.

It not only has good quality but is also easy operation, which makes it popular among customers. Sunrise Meat Meal Machine is a powerful machine, which is easy to use and work with.

Easy To Use And Clean

The machine is very easy to operate with step-by-step instructions. It is equipped with an automatic control system which is easy to operate and convenient to learn.

This device has a high-speed motor and a stainless steel blade, which will make your meat processing easier than ever. The Sunrise Meat Grinder has an easy-to-clean design as well as easy-to-disassemble parts that allow you to clean up quickly after each use.

Affordable Price

Meat meal machine price is the most important factor that you should consider when you decide to buy it. In this case, the Sunrise meat meal machine is one of the most affordable machines in the market. With its low price, Sunrise meat meal machine can meet your demand perfectly.

High Efficiency

This is another reason why you should choose Sunrise meat meal machine for your rendering plant. It has high efficiency that can help you save much time and labor costs during your production process. In addition, it also has a large output, so you can produce more meat meals at one time.


A meat meal machine is one of the main pieces of equipment for the food industry. It’s the main piece of equipment used to render fat, which serves as the foundation for several other products in this industry.

The meat meal machine has many functions, and one of them is to process raw animal materials. As mentioned above, there are a few different types of meat meal machines. Each of them has its unique features and specifications, and finding the right machine for your operation may take more than a little research. It’s a good idea to choose Sunrise meat meal machines to help you, these machines are high quality and low-cost.

In conclusion, did this blog post help you understand what is a meat meal machine? If you want to know more information, you can consult Sunrise, and they will provide you with professional services for free.

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