What Is The Batch Cooker Used For?

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What Is The Batch Cooker Used For?

11月 29, 2022

Why use a batch cooker?

Before you understand what is the batch uesd for, you should also know why you use a batch cooker. A batch cooker is used to cook and process meat products. It can be used in a rendering plant or other processing facilities that work with meat products.

The equipment is used to cook the meat, but it also uses steam to sterilize the meat and kill any bacteria that may be present. The machinery is usually made of stainless steel, and it can be used in a wide variety of different facilities. It can be used in rendering plants, butcher shops, and even restaurants.

Batch cookers are great because they allow you to control the temperature of your product without having to worry about overcooking it or burning it. This is especially important when you’re working with high-quality beef products or poultry products like chicken breast or turkey breast.

The batch cooker can help you save time as well as money, here are some reasons why you should use a batch cooker in your rendering plant:

It reduces cooking time by 50%

A batch will reduce the cooking time by 50% and help you save on energy too. This means that you can cook more meat in one go, which will increase your profit margin and also keep up with customer demand easily.

It helps in controlling temperature

The temperature of the meat has to be controlled carefully so that it doesn’t burn or become overcooked during processing. With a cooker, there is no chance of this happening because it maintains a steady temperature throughout the process, without any fluctuations or variations whatsoever.

What is the batch cooker used for?

What is the batch cooker used for

Batch cookers like Sunrise Batch Cookers are designed for batch processing continuous operation and are fitted with rotary valves to control the flow of materials like wet feathers into and out of the vessel. They can be used for cooking animal offal and bone wastes from slaughterhouses, fish processing plants, and rendering plants.

So what is the cooker used for? The main purpose of this equipment is to render animal fat into tallow oil. Tallow is an animal fat obtained from beef or mutton stearin that has been separated from the fibrous tissue in wool grease-making machinery. The tallow oil produced by this machine has high quality and has no odor, color, or taste impurity.

The Batch is an efficient way to save time and money on your rendering process. It can be used to cook any kind of meat offal or oil, including bone fat, tallow, lard, and fish oil. The Cooker can also be used to produce biodiesel from any kind of feedstock, including waste cooking oils like vegetable oil and animal fats.

The Cooker will cook down fats, grease, and tallow into a solid form that can be easily handled and stored. The Cooker is ideal for small rendering plants where large amounts of material are not being processed daily. It is perfect for rendering plant owners and operators who want to maximize their profit margins by producing high-quality products with minimal waste.

The Cooker is also used in animal feed plants where they process large quantities of ingredients such as soybeans, corn gluten feed, distillers grains, and other ingredients. This allows them to produce consistent quality products with lower labor costs than hand processing would incur.

How the batch cooker is designed?

The Jiangsu Sunrise batch cooker of what is the batch cooker uesd for is a sterilization, hydrolyzation, and drying equipment for animal by-products. It is designed to meet the requirements of different production lines. The main components are as follows:

  • Electric heating elements with high-temperature resistance;
  • Stainless steel tank body, which can withstand high pressure;
  • High-quality electric control system;
  • Water supply system using stainless steel pipe and pump;
  • Automatic lid opening device with safety lock device;
  • Automatic control system for water flow rate and temperature.

The Batch Cooker consists of main parts such as the oven body, feeding system, discharge system, and exhaust fan. The oven body is made of high-quality stainless steel 304 or 316L materials with seamless welding technology with good strength and corrosion resistance. The feeding system consists of feeding screw conveyors to transport raw materials into the oven for the cooking process.

The discharging system of what is the batch cooker uesd for includes discharge screw conveyors and discharge hoppers to discharge cooked products out from the batch cooker after the cooking process. The exhaust fan can be installed on top of the oven body for exhausting waste gases generated during the cooking process away from the batch cooker. Taking Sunrise Batch Cooker as an example, the Batch Cooker is designed for the following purpose:

01. Sterilization

The main purpose of the batch cooker is to sterilize the rendered animal fat and make it suitable for selling as cooking oil. It is an essential step because it ensures that there are no harmful microorganisms in the fat, which could cause food poisoning.

The batch cooker is used to sterilize large particles of animal by-products before they go through the dry rendering process. It’s used to sterilize raw materials before they are processed further into finished products such as animal feed or pet food.

02. Hydrolyzation

The batch cooker is used to hydrolyze large particles of animal by-products into protein meal and fat which are then sent on to other processes in the rendering plant or sold as feed ingredients.

Hydrolysis is the process of what is the batch cooker uesd for where proteins are broken down into amino acids and small peptides by means of water. This process is usually carried out at high temperatures and pressures. In hydrolysis, the process uses steam or water to change the structure of protein into smaller units that are easier for digestion by animals.

03. Drying

The dryer section of the Batch Cooker is used to dry the liquid phase materials that are produced during hydrolysis to produce a stable product that can be easily handled at later stages of processing without further handling equipment being required such as grinders or mixers etc.

The batch cooker can be used to dry solid materials such as fats and oils. This process involves melting the material and allowing it to drip through a filter. Drying is typically done at low temperatures to prevent damage to the material being dried.

How to maintain a batch cooker?

After understanding what is the batch cooker uesd for, how to maintain the batch cooker is also very important. The maintenance of batch cookers should be done regularly to ensure that they continue to operate efficiently and safely. Maintenance tasks include checking for leaks and cleaning the inside of the vessel. You can also check for faulty electrical wiring or other mechanical problems that may cause breakdowns and downtime.

Batch cookers should be cleaned regularly particularly if you use them frequently to process animal byproducts such as meat, bones, and fat trimmings into products like tallow, lard, or soap-making ingredients like tallow stearin. These types of byproducts tend to leave behind a sticky residue which can clog up your batch cooker and make it harder for it to function properly.

In order to maintain your batch cooker correctly, you will need to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and equipment needed for this type of job. Most importantly though, you will want to make sure that you have a good working knowledge of how these machines operate so that if something goes wrong. If you use the Sunrise Batch Cooke, they have a two-year warranty, and Sunrise also offers free professional service for life to you.

A batch cooker’s safe and efficient process

A batch cooker like Sunrise Batch Cooker is a comprehensive equipment that integrates the functions of high-temperature sterilization and heating, which can be used to process various kinds of meat and meat products such as chicken feet, duck paws, cow tripe, etc.

High-temperature sterilization can keep the original nutrition and texture of the material well. It also has the advantages of short processing time and simple operation.

Hydrolyzation can increase the amount of water in the material, which can reduce the moisture content of finished products effectively. The main raw materials are animal by-products such as bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Drying is an important process after high-temperature sterilization because it can remove water from raw materials completely so as to improve their taste and keep freshness better than dried materials without heat treatment.


The batch cooker as the Sunrise batch cooker plays a key role in the rendering process for by-products, dairy fats, and fish oil. It is key equipment for hydrolyzation and sterilization. The batch cooker can eliminate the traditional drying, dewaxing, washing, sterilization, and drying of animal by-products.

The Sunrise batch cooker is designed in three standard sizes to suit various plant capacities. It has good quality and high yield consistent with a foreign advanced level. The equipment is equipped with an automatic temperature control system.

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