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Shandong Huimin Feijia Feed Co.,Ltd. belongs to Shandong Zhongtian Food. Group is located in Huiming, county, Binzhou city, Shandong Province. It began to run in August2021capacity: 30tons poultry waste per day.

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Shuanghui Group is located in Luohe city Henan province, it began to run in February 2015, its capacity is 200 thousand birds chicken feather and 10T dead chicken per day.

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Slaughterhouses must have: 1. a room or enclosed space that is large enough and easily cleaned and disinfected for checking animals before slaughter; 2. a special room, which is easily cleaned and disinfected,

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1. Absolute cleanliness must be mandatory for personnel, premises, equipment and tools. (a) Personnel must, in particular, wear clean work clothes and light-coloured headgear that can be washed easily. Personnel who slaughter animals and

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Types of edible fats and oils The classification of edible fats and oils implies a division according to the origin of the feedstock and according to consistency: 1. According to the type of

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Bird cooling. Recently, the demand for poultry meat has increased. There is a reconstruction of existing poultry farms, construction of new ones. The highest requirements are placed on product quality, and high product quality is