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Batch Cooker / Batch Cooker Rendering

  • Brand: Sunrise
  • Description Feather Meal Project | Fish Meal Plant | Rendering Plant
  • Shipping: Air / Sea / Train / Truck
  • Warranty Period: One Years with Lifelong Free Service
  • Alias: Batch cookers / Rendering cooker /



Jiangsu sunrise batch cooker is designed for sterilization , hydrolyzation , and drying of animal by-products .It is one of the most important parts of a dry rendering plant and is manufactured in three standard sizes to suit various plant capacities .Jiangsu Sunrise batch cooker can be used for processing of the following animal by-products: Mixed meat offal and bones、Raw blood、Wet feather、Mixed poultry offal

Design characteristics:

1.The batch cooker is delivered as a unit ready to install inclusive of all necessary valves, instruments, steam trap system, safety valve, and insulation as standard.

2.It can be supplied with manual or automatic discharge door.


Technical parameter

Model Application
Design volume(L) Feed quantity(kg/batch) Heating area(m²) Motor power(kw) Motor brand
Transport dimensions(mm) Transportation weight(kg)
ZZ-050 5000 3000 27 37 Simens 5450*2070*1600 12000
ZZ-085 8500 5000 41 55 Simens 7400*2305*1775 20000
ZZ-10 10000 6000 47 75 Simens 8400*2305*1775 22000
ZZ-16 16000 10000 63 110 Simens 9000*2500*2100 36000

Introduction of Batch Cooker

A batch cooker is a type of industrial cooking equipment used in food processing and production. Typically employed for batch cooking, it can accommodate substantial food quantities and is versatile enough to handle a diverse range of culinary creations, including soups, stews, sauces, and various others.Furthermore, batch cookers find utility in additional food preparation procedures like blanching, pasteurization, and sterilization. They can be operated either manually or through the utilization of computerized controls. It find frequent application within commercial kitchens, food processing factories, and various other large-scale food production establishments.