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Fish Cooker

  • Brand: Sunrise
  • Application: Fish Meal Plant
  • Shipping: Air / Sea / Train / Truck
  • Warranty Period: One Years with Lifelong Free Service


Fish Cooker Application

A Fish Cooker application could be a software program or mobile app that helps users cook fish in a variety of ways. Some features it may include:

  • A recipe database with various fish dishes and cooking methods
  • Step-by-step cooking instructions
  • Cooking time and temperature suggestions
  • Shopping list feature to help users gather ingredients
  • Nutritional information for each recipe
  • Timer and alerts to help users keep track of cooking progress
  • Option to save favorite recipes and make notes on modifications.

Design characteristics

1. The Fish Cooker consists of a stator housingand a screw rotor.

2. The stator housing is fitted with steam-heated jacket, screw scraper rotates continuously, heated by steam indirectly.

3. The stator steam jacket is divided into sections, enabling uniform distribution of the steam by means of a steam manifold.

4. The condensate from the jacket is discharged through a condensate manifold. The housing is equipped with hinged hatches with counterweights for efficient inspection and cleaning. The rotor is equipped with stuffing boxes in both

5. Rotor is supported by roller bearings on both ends.

6. Steam enters and condensate is evacuated through the end shaft.

7. The design of the fish cooker complies with GB national standards and each machine is produced, inspected and tested in accordance with GB pressure vessel standard and regulations.


1. Gentle and homogeneous heat treatment of raw material.

2. Enables optimal liquid and oil separation  in press and decanters

3. Energy efficient.

4. Small volumes, easily adjusted process

5. During cooker, the raw material may expand.

6. Long intervals between cleaning operations

Technical parameter

Fish Cooker

Cooker Model Capacity T/H Size (mm) Weight (T) Volume (m2)
YZZ0605 3.25 7500 1640 740 5000 600 3000 990 3.4 9.1
YZZ0806 8 8500 1841 940 6000 800 4000 1193 7.4 14.7
YZZ0808 11 10500 1841 940 8000 800 6000 1193 8.5 18.2
YZZ1110 20 12560 2196 1240 10000 1100 7250 1446 14.7 34.2
YZZ1112 25 14560 2196 1240 12000 1100 9250 1446 17.2 39.7
YZZ1312 30 14352 2386 1376 12000 1300 9400 1555 24 47.1
YZZ1314 35 16352 2386 1376 14000 1300 11400 1355 30 53.7
YZZ1614 44 17570 2820 1740 14000 1600 11400 2070 33 86.2
YZZ1616 50 19570 2820 1740 16000 1600 13400 2070 38 96.0

what is Fish Cooker

A Fish Cooker constitutes a culinary device employed for the preparation of fish dishes. It manifests in diverse manifestations, including a stovetop pan, an electric skillet, or a microwave-safe dish.Fish cookers typically have a flat surface for cooking the fish, a lid to trap heat and moisture, and a temperature control mechanism. The objective of a fish cooker is to simplify and facilitate the process of achieving perfectly cooked fish, eliminating concerns about regulating temperature or maintaining moisture. Fish cookers offer the capability to prepare an array of fish species, spanning from salmon and cod to tilapia and catfish.They find prevalent usage in household kitchens and are also encountered in commercial culinary setups.

Fish Cooker FQA

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for a Fish Cooker application may include:

1、What kind of fish can I cook with the app?
The application could encompass an assortment of fish species and categories, including salmon, tilapia, cod, and more.
2、Is the app available on both iOS and Android platforms?
The presence of the app on particular platforms might differ, hence it’s advisable to refer to the app store or the developer’s website for precise information.
3、Are the recipes included in the app healthy and nutritionally balanced?
The nutritional information for each recipe may vary, but the app may strive to provide healthy and balanced options.
4、Can I save my own recipes in the app?
The app may include the option to save favorite recipes and make notes on modifications.
5、Does the app have a timer and alerts for cooking progress?
The app may include a timer and alerts to help users keep track of cooking progress.
6、Can I generate a shopping list based on the recipes I want to make?
The app may include a shopping list feature to help users gather ingredients.