Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler: Powerful Continuously Working Machine

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Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler: Powerful Continuously Working Machine

3月 24, 2023

The Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler is a powerful and highly efficient continuous working machine for meeting the needs of modern plants. This device has been tested on various types of waste, including waste from the food industry, which produced high-quality organic fertilizer.

Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler: Quick And Easy Way For Rendering Plant

The sunrise meal cooler is a quick and easy way to cool the product after the dryer. It is a good solution for small and medium-sized food processing plants that want to reduce energy consumption and improve their business environment.

The Sunrise Meal Cooler is designed to cool the product after the dryer. This is especially useful in the case of meat products or other products such as fish, chicken, or other materials that need to be cooled quickly after drying.

In addition, this type of cooling system can also be used for pre-cooling before packaging into plastic containers or transferring into packages for transport.

The product has many advantages:

1. High efficiency: This machine continuously works by using a cooling principle based on the counter-flow of cooling air and hot product.

2. Simple structure: Our design is simple and sturdy, with few components and wearing parts, which makes it an efficient and reliable solution.

3. Compact design: The machine has a cylindrical stator made of aluminum. It has end plates and supports at both ends, with sight glasses including cleaning brushes and openings with counter flanges for air intake and outlet. A centrifugal fan installed at the air outlet end extracts the hot air from the CAC through a bag filter, which is adjustable through the manual throttle.

4. Automatic Control: To prevent the loss of product, a bag filter is built to catch minor particles that would otherwise escape with the cooling air. The filter unit has an automatic time-controlled pneumatic self-cleaning system eliminating the risk of blockage.

Working Principle of Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler

Sunrise meal cooler is designed to cool the product after the dryer. The purpose of this machine is to maintain a certain temperature in order to prevent damage during storage and transportation.

Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler is a large-scale cooling system that can meet the requirements of your production line. It is mainly used for cooling raw materials.

The rotor, which is equipped with agitating arms and paddles, pulls the product up into the stator drum where it is cooled by the contact with air drawn through the stator by a centrifugal fan.

The equipment can reach a high degree of automation, Sunrise plant food coolers have high heat transfer capacity, low power consumption, long service life, and low noise level.

Rendering plant meal cooler

Features & Advantages of Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler

1. It is a kind of equipment that can be used in the refrigeration system to cool foods at low temperatures or to store them at low temperatures for a long time, and it is easy to use.

2. The cooling system is designed according to different types of materials, so as to achieve different cooling requirements, in order to realize the maximum cooling effect.

3. The rendering plant food cooler has been widely used in rendering plants, refrigeration engineering, and other industries, it can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

4. It has many advantages such as high efficiency, simple structure, small volume, convenient installation, etc., so that you can make your company more efficient by using our products.

The Uses Of Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Coolers

Sunrise Rendering plant food coolers are commonly used in the meat and poultry industry to process and store animal by-products for further use in other products such as pet food, animal feed, and fertilizer. Here are some of the main uses of rendering plant food coolers:

1. Preservation: Rendering plant food coolers helps preserve animal by-products by keeping them at low temperatures, which slows down bacterial growth and reduces the risk of spoilage. This allows for the safe storage of these by-products until they can be processed into other products.

2. Processing: Rendering plant food coolers are also used in the processing of animal by-products. By keeping the materials cool, they can be easily handled and processed into the desired end products. For example, animal fats can be separated from the bone and other materials using a rendering process that involves heating and cooling.

3. Environmental Protection: Rendering plant food coolers play an important role in protecting the environment. By safely storing and processing animal by-products, rendering plants can prevent pollution and minimize the risk of contamination from these materials.

4. Waste Reduction: Using rendering plant food coolers to process animal by-products can also help reduce waste. By repurposing these materials into other products, rendering plants can reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills and help conserve resources.

5. Cost Savings: Finally, rendering plant food coolers can help businesses save money. By efficiently processing and repurposing animal by-products, companies can reduce their operating costs and generate revenue from the sale of these materials to other industries.

Why Choose Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler?

Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler is a high-quality, reliable, and durable food cooler. Our products are widely used to keep food warm or cold in industrial, commercial, and household kitchens.

Sunrise Plant Food Cooler provides optimum cooling performance to keep your product fresh and maintain its quality. It also ensures that the temperature of your product does not change during storage.

The Sunrise Rendering Food Cooler is built with advanced technology to provide stable performance. It has an advanced design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance with minimum effort. The construction of the Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler ensures that it can withstand heavy use over time.

Concluding Remarks

Sunrise Rendering Plant Food Cooler, which is a continuously working machine, is a scientific and technological masterpiece. It is a high-quality product that can cool the product after the dryer.

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