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Modern Rendering Plants: Problems & Solutions

30 1 月, 2023

Modern Rendering Plants 1: Environmental Concerns

Since 1997, EPA has been imposing stringent requirements on harmless chemical plants to reduce the negative impact of pollution problems on the environment, strictly controlling the production process, and centrally disposing of all exhaust gases to minimize pollution.

The plant takes animal by-products from the meat slaughtering and processing industry, produces meat and bone meal for pet food production, and high-grade butter for biofuels. The harmless process produces foul-smelling exhaust gases that require safe and effective disposal.

A large part of the waste gas generated in the harmless production process is collected, and after a series of treatments, it is finally discharged to the standard. A small part of the waste gas scattered inside the workshop will be treated safely and effectively through the workshop negative pressure system.

Modern Rendering Plants Problem 2: Economic Loss

In order to understand the economic loss, there are three major factors that need to be considered. The first factor is the amount of money spent on building the rendering plant; this is called capital cost. The second factor is the amount of money spent on machinery and equipment used in the rendering plant; this is called operational cost. The third factor is the amount of money spent on raw materials purchased by the company; this is called material cost.

Building the rendering plant is one of the main capital costs. The building is where all the machines, equipment, and raw materials are stored. The size of the building will depend on how many animals will be processed at once and how many rendering plants you want to build. If you want to build a small-scale rendering plant, then you can start with a small building with less machinery and equipment inside it. However, if you want to build a large-scale rendering plant, then you need a large building with more machinery and equipment inside it.

If you want to run a rendering plant better, Sunrise will provide you with customized solutions and specialized equipment to meet your needs, with specialized systems and high-quality equipment to reduce your operating costs. We have been providing rendering services since 2016, and we have many years of experience in the industry. We have built our reputation on providing the best service possible for our clients at all times.

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Rendering Plant Problem 3: Decrease in Product Value

Animals die every day due to various reasons such as disease or accident in farms or slaughterhouses etc., but farmers do not want to throw away dead animals as it will cause a loss in their business as well as bad odor around their farms/slaughterhouses, etc., so they prefer to bury them instead.

But by doing this, they are wasting their valuable animal protein which could be used for making different products like meat scraps, tallow (fat), bone meal, blood meal, etc., so it is better for farmers to send their dead animals to rendering plants where all these animal parts will be converted into valuable products that can be sold at a good price.

If you are planning to start a rendering plant, then consider the following points. The main reason for rendering plants is to produce high-quality animal fat from the waste source. However, it can also be used as a source of energy production.

If you have a large amount of waste and want to get rid of it without losing money, then Sunrise rendering plant manufacturer provides an ideal solution for you. You can convert your waste into a useful product like animal fat or bone meal which can be sold at a good price to the market. We have been making efforts to make the rendering process more efficient, from the selection of raw materials to the final output.

Modern Rendering Plants Problem 4: Not Using the Latest Technology

Rendering plants are on the front line of innovation. They are the first to use new technology and to improve on existing technology. However, some rendering plants have not kept up with the latest innovations in rendering plant technology.

One problem that can result from this is that the rendering plant may not be able to process all of its waste in a timely manner. This means that it may have to store some of its waste until it has a chance to process it. This can lead to contamination and other problems.

Another problem is that if you’re using old technology, you’re likely paying more for energy than necessary. You could be running an older model boiler or furnace that isn’t as efficient as newer models would be. Your old equipment might also need more maintenance because it’s been around longer and has been used more often than newer models would be at this point in their lives.

Sunrise Rendering Plant Machine Solutions: Ways To Improve

Are you struggling with the above-mentioned problems? here Sunrise can provide you with advanced rendering plant machines to improve your industry. As a rendering plant machine manufacturer, Sunrise has advanced rendering plant machine technology and rich experience in this field. We have been engaged in the research and development of rendering plant machines for many years, especially in the production of waste disposal equipment such as Metal Detector Equipment and waste processing equipment such as Fat Filtrator Equipment.

Sunrise Rendering Plant Machine is mainly used for the production of rendering plants, which has the features of high efficiency and low energy consumption. The whole process of this machine is completed in one working shift. We have been producing this type of rendering plant machine for many years and have accumulated rich experience in its manufacturing process.

We have gained many honors from our customers due to our quality products, good service, and reasonable price. We also welcome OEM orders from our clients as well as they can be customized according to their requirements.

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