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Lamella Pump: What Do You Know

30 1 月, 2023

Lamella Pumps for the Rendering Plant

Rendering plants are used to convert animal byproducts into biodiesel, pet food, and fertilizer. The rendering process is a high-temperature and pressure process that requires Lamella Pumps that can handle extreme conditions.

Taking Sunrise Lamella Pump as an example, Sunrise Lamella Pump YPB 45 Capacity is up to 20-110 m3/h and its recommended speed is up to 70 S/min. This product is used for pumping the material with big particles (such as pre-crushed animal by-products, fish, or pet food), liquid with higher viscosity.

It is highly suitable for closed systems, it is used for feeding the material to various cooking equipment and other processing equipment. This machine has many advantages such as low noise, large flow rate range, high efficiency, long life, and reliability under heavy-duty conditions.

Lamella pumps are designed to be used in high-temperature applications, such as rendering plants. These pumps are extremely durable and reliable. It has a very high efficiency at low speed, so it’s suitable for feeding raw materials in large quantities and high-viscosity materials. The most common application is to feed raw materials into the cooker or mixer. Lamella pump is also used in many other industries such as the chemical industry, food processing industry, etc.

Sunrise Lamella Pump has the following characteristics:

  • 1. High efficiency: lamella pump has high suction height, and low head loss, so it has high efficiency;
  • 2. Customized design: according to the type of material and specific requirement for performance, the YPS material pump can be driven by an electric gear.
  • 3. Strong adaptability to environment conditions: lamella pump can work in high-temperature environments and low-temperature environments, strong adaptability to different materials;
  • 4. Small footprint: lamella pumps can be installed in small areas due to their compact structure.

How a Lamella Pump Works?

The lamella pump is a centrifugal pump, which can be used for liquid and gaseous fluids. It is designed for high-pressure applications, where there are no valves in the system. The fluid enters the pump from one side and leaves from the other side with increased velocity. The rotation of the impeller creates pressure inside the pump and forces the fluid outwards. The Lamella Pumps are available in different shapes and sizes to meet various requirements.

The Sunrise material pump has only 4 moving parts, it can be assembled bearing with a mechanical seal or standard bearing with a stuffing box. The lamella pump consists of a housing, an impeller, and two plates. The housing contains an opening where the liquid will enter and exit the pump. There is also usually a small hole at the bottom of the housing that acts as an outlet for any air in the system. The impeller is attached to one of the plates and has blades attached to it. When the blade reaches its full stroke length, it begins to rotate in order to move fluid through the pump and out through its outlet port.

The lamella pumps are designed to use centrifugal force to produce pressure in order to push the liquid out of their nozzles. Centrifugal pumps work by spinning an impeller at high speeds within an enclosed chamber. As this happens, the liquid is forced through small holes in the walls of the chamber and out into whatever pipe or container you want it to go into.

Applied Mechanics Of The Lamella Pump

In the rendering plant, the lamella pump is used to transport water or fat-water mixture. The pump is installed in the bottom of the tank and is operated by a power train located outside the tank. The lamella pump is usually installed in an isolated space with cooling water circulation.

The main function of the lamella pump is to transport water from one location to another, and its structure consists of a number of blades connected to each other by means of a shaft. The material of the blade may be plastic or metal. The blade thickness and width can be adjusted according to the required flow rate.

The lamella pump is a positive displacement pump that uses the principle of peristaltic motion to pump liquids. A lamella pump consists of two or more disks, called lamellae, which revolve around each other in opposite directions. The fluid to be pumped is forced between the lamellae and into the center of the rotating disks. As the disks rotate at a constant speed, the liquid is pulled into the center by centrifugal force and forced out through an outlet fitting at the periphery of one disk.

How To Choose the Right Lamella Pump?

Lamella pumps are often used in the food processing industry because they can handle high temperatures and pressures. These pumps are also used in chemical plants, power plants, and other industries where there is a need for pumping fluids at high temperatures.

An important consideration when choosing a lamella pump is the material of construction. The most common materials are steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Steel lamella pumps are less expensive than aluminum or stainless steel but they are heavier and require more maintenance due to corrosion. Aluminum lamella pumps have better corrosion resistance than steel but less abrasion resistance than stainless steel. Stainless steel is stronger than any other material but it is also the most expensive option.

Another important consideration is what type of seal you need on your pump. There are three types of seals that can be used on an open rotary vane pump: mechanical seals, hydraulic seals, and magnetic seals (also referred to as magnetic coupling). Mechanical seals use an installed mechanical seal at either end of the rotor shaft to seal against each other when the rotor moves. Hydraulic seals use fluid pressure acting against a set of sealing surfaces inside the pump housing to create a seal between the rotor shaft and housing bore walls or between the rotors and stator vanes.


Finally, do you have any interest in Sunrise Lamella Pump? Sunrise Lamella Pump is a high-performance product that has been introduced in the market. It has been designed to be used in various applications. The product has a good reputation because of its quality and performance. The Sunrise Lamella Pump is known for its durability and effectiveness.

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