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Sunrise VIV Exhibition Invitation

Dear Sir/Madam:

We cordially invite you to visit the upcoming Meat & Poultry & VIV 2023 livestock exhibition in Moscow, Russia, from May 30 to June 1.

Our booth is located at:Crocus Expo, Pavilion 2, Hall 8, 28.E1 & 28.E2.

The show will be held at the Crocus Expo exhibition center in Moscow,a modern venue with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, providing a comfortable and convenient environment for exhibitors and visitors.

The VIV Livestock Show is held annually and is the oldest livestock show in Russia.Several conferences and seminars will be held during the show, providing an opportunity for industry professionals to communicate and learn in depth.

The exhibition includes: livestock breeding, breeding programs, breeding technology,agricultural substances and technology, milking and cooling technology, animal husbandry and feeding technology,technology for handling animal manure, solid and liquid fertilizers, environmental control, energy and environmental control, bioenergy, etc.

We invite you to visit our (Sunrise) booth and we are sure you will get a rewarding experience.

Crocus Expo, Pavilion 2, Hall 8, 28.E1 & 28.E2. Moscow, Russia

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