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Animal Crusher Equipment – Buyer’s Guide

30 1 月, 2023

What Is Animal Crusher Equipment?

Animal crusher equipment is a machine that is used to crush animal remains after slaughter. It is designed to handle the bones, skin, and other parts of an animal in order to make it easier for disposal. The machine has been created in order to make the task of disposing of animal remains easier, but it can also be used by people who are looking for ways to dispose of their animals quickly.

The machine has been designed as a way to reduce the amount of time it takes for people to dispose of their animals after they have been slaughtered. The machine can be used in any location where there is electricity or gas power, making it easy for people to use it no matter where they are located.

What are the types of animal crusher equipment? Let’s take Sunrise Animal Crusher Equipment products as an example:

SunriseDouble Shaft Crusher

Double Shaft Crusher is a heavy crushing machine, designed for the animal byproduct industry. It is used to reduce the size of cattle, sheep, horse, pig carcasses, and various offal and bones in slaughterhouses before the waste disposal process. 

All the broken surfaces are welded with strong hard alloy, which can cut off the metal impurities mixed in the material, and the crushed material will save a lot of time for the subsequent cooking or dissolution process. It is an all-aspect upgrade of traditional single-shaft crushing technology which has stronger power and higher capacity and will create greater value for customers.

Double Shaft Crusher Product Features:

  • 1) Double shaft design to increase efficiency;
  • 2) High-strength alloy steel shafts with high strength;
  • 3) Stronger power than traditional single-shaft crusher;
  • 4) High capacity for large feeding size and high output.

Sunrise Pre-Crusher

Sunrise Pre-Crusher is a heavy crushing machine, specially designed for the animal by-product industry, before the rendering process, we can use the pre-crusher for size reduction of complete carcasses of cattle, sheep, horses, and pigs as well as all sorts of offal and bones from slaughterhouses.

The pre-crusher has a unique design, which allows it to operate continuously without stopping. The main parts of this machine include a feed hopper, feeding system, cutting system, and discharge system. The feeding system consists of a feeding auger and a feeding screw conveyor which transfers materials from the hopper into the cutting chamber for further processing. The discharge system includes a discharge chute and an ejector blade which ejects materials from the cutting chamber outwards from the machine.

Sunrise Milling Plant

Jiangsu Sunrise Milling Plant is used to reduce the particle size of the greaves after fat extraction, making the meat and bone meal even. The reduction in the size required at this stage depends on whether the meal is used directly in compound feeds or if it will be passed through a further stage of size reduction.

Milling Plant provides many benefits to people, including:

  • 1. Increased nutrient digestibility;
  • 2. Reduced feed costs;
  • 3. Reduced risk of disease transmission;
  • 4. Improved animal growth rates;
  • 5. Improved waste management.

Animal Crusher Equipment: Working Principle

Animal Crusher Equipment is a mechanical device designed to crush the bones and other waste materials of animals. The animal crusher consists of an outer shell, a grinder, and a sieve. The outer shell has an outlet and a hopper for feeding the machine. The grinder consists of a rotating drum with serrated blades attached to its surface. The sieve is connected to the grinder through a central shaft which is rotated by an electric motor.

The animal crusher works on the principle of centrifugal force. The carcass or bones are fed into the rotating drum through the hopper and rotate at high speed due to their own weight. This causes them to be crushed against the serrated blade inside the drum and broken into smaller pieces that fall through holes in the sieve into another container below it called a bone meal tank or grinding chamber or chute, depending upon their size.

The working principle of animal crusher equipment in the rendering plant is as follows:

  • 1. The raw materials are introduced into the feed hopper by the feeding machine.
  • 2. The hopper is equipped with a rotary dumper which moves up and down, dumping raw materials into the crushing chamber.
  • 3. The crushing chamber is equipped with a high-quality motor and gearbox to drive the roller, which can crush bones into powder.

Animal Crushing Equipment: Perfectly Suited For Large Livestock Processing

Animal crushing equipment is a specialized piece of machinery that is designed to handle large animals. These machines are used in the processing of animals such as cows, pigs, and sheep. The animal crushing equipment is used to bring the animal down to size so that it can be easily handled and processed by other equipment in the slaughterhouse.

Animal crushing equipment is available in two different types: manual and automated. The manual type requires someone to operate the machine while the automated type does not require any operator but still requires some form of supervision from an experienced person who understands how these machines work.

Sunrise animal crushing equipment has several key benefits that make it worth investing in:

A Wide Variety Of Options

There are plenty of models available from different manufacturers, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs without breaking the bank or requiring too much space in your facility.

Easier Operation

You’ll find it much easier to operate animal crushing equipment than other types of butchering machines because they’re designed specifically for this purpose and don’t require any knowledge of how to operate machinery or even electricity.

Improved Safety

Animal crushing machines are designed with safety features that ensure the operator is protected from injury during operation.

Solutions for Better Animal Crusher Equipment Operations

The main goal of any animal crusher equipment operation is to use the equipment in a safe and efficient manner. To do this, it is important to understand what kind of animal crusher equipment you have, how to use it properly, and how to make sure that everything stays in good condition.

You can avoid problems with your animal crusher equipment by following these tips:

  • 1. Always keep your equipment properly lubricated. A well-oiled machine will run more smoothly and efficiently, and it will last longer too.
  • 2. Check that all moving parts are in good condition before starting up each day’s operations. If something needs replacing or repair, take care of it right away so that it doesn’t lead to bigger problems down the road.
  • 3. Make sure that all employees are trained on how to operate and maintain your animal crusher equipment properly; this includes how to safely load and unload carcasses into or out of feeders, how to change out conveyor belts when they become worn out or damaged, etc.


Sunrise, your strong partner in material squeezing and grinding, offers Pre-Crusher, Milling Plant, and Double Shaft Crusher for crushing various raw animal materials. Sunrise Animal Crusher Equipment is highly praised by our customers due to its favorable properties.

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