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Milling Plant

  • Brand: Sunrise
  • Application: Feather Meal Project | Fish Meal Plant | Meal Plant & Fat Plant | Rendering Plant
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Milling Plant Application

Jiangsu sunrise milling plant is used to reduce the particle size of the greaves after fat extraction, make the meat and bone meal even. The reduction in size required at this stage depends on whether the meal is used directly in compound feeds or it will be passed through a further stage of size reduction.

A milling plant is a facility that processes various materials, such as grains or other agricultural products, into finished goods, such as flour or other food products. The specific application of a milling plant will depend on the type of material being processed and the desired end product. For example, a wheat milling plant would process wheat into flour, while a corn milling plant would process corn into various products such as corn starch, corn syrup, and feed for livestock. The process typically involves cleaning, grinding, and sifting the raw materials, and may also include other steps such as drying or packaging.

Design characteristics

1. The milling plant is of a robust construction manufactured entirely from mild steel. The interior chamber of the mill has replaceable wear plates at each end of the rotor assembly and a stone trap at the bottom.

2. The hammers, which are case-hardened to give extended life, are reversible so that all four edges can be utilised before a new set is required.

3. The milling plant consists of: hammermill, coupling and motor mounted on a common base frame fitted with vibration dampers. A separation fan and a Co-Jet filter ensure high capacity and prevent excessive temperature increases.

Technical parameter

Model Motor (KW) Capacity Meat and Bone Meal (t/h) Capacity Fish Meal (t/h)
XSXT45 37-55 1-3 1.5-35
XSXT60 45-75 2-4 3.5-8
XSXT80 55-110 4-6 8-11
XSXT100 75-160 5-10 11-15

Meat and bone meal density is 600 kg/m3, mesh is Ø10mm. Capacity depends on bone quantity, grease and water quantity, pressed cake temperature.

Fish meal density is 500 kg/m3, mesh is Ø16mm. Capacity depends on fish type, moisture and oil quantity and temperature.

Milling Plant FQA

1、What is a milling plant used for?
A milling plant is used for grinding and processing grain into flour.

2、What are the components of a milling plant?
The main components of a milling plant include a cleaning system, grinding/milling machines, sifting and packing equipment.

3、How does a milling plant work?
The process starts with cleaning the grain to remove impurities. Then, the grain is ground into flour using milling machines. The flour is sifted to remove larger particles and sorted into different grades. Finally, the flour is packaged for sale.

4、What are the factors to consider when setting up a milling plant?
Location, available resources (grain, water, electricity), market demand, cost, equipment, storage and transportation facilities, and government regulations.

5、What are the benefits of using a milling plant?
Improved efficiency, consistent quality of flour, greater control over the production process, ability to produce a wider range of flours, and potential for cost savings.