What Does It Look Like Inside The Giant Chicken Rendering Plant

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What Does It Look Like Inside The Giant Chicken Rendering Plant

16 12 月, 2022

So What Does a Massive Chicken Rendering Plant Look Like From The Inside?

Chicken rendering plant is a company that is responsible for processing the remains of slaughtered chicken. There are so many pieces of equipment in the chicken rendering plant, such as Batch Cooker, Fat Filtrator, Screw Conveyor, Oil Storage Tank, etc.

They all work together to process the chicken slaughter waste into high-quality animal feed ingredients and pet food. The rendering process not only removes harmful pathogens but also makes sure that the raw material is dry and free of moisture. This makes it easier for manufacturers to make their own products out of it.

The harmless process of chicken rendering plant is to transport the chicken slaughter waste from the slaughterhouse to the harmless plant, and through a series of processes such as crushing, high-temperature and high-pressure cooking, and oil pressing. These processes help to make the chicken slaughter waste more valuable use.

The finished protein powder from chicken rendering plant, which can be mixed into part of the animal’s feed or fertilizer on the farm, and the oil squeezed out of the fat, can be sold to soap manufacturers or other companies looking for animal fat as an ingredient in their products.

The Process Of Chicken Rendering Plant

The process of a chicken slaughter waste rendering plant can be confusing for many people. What is the chicken rendering plant? And what does it do? The plant is a large facility that converts the flesh of dead poultry into meat-and-bone meals and other products. The process of poultry rendering plants is not as simple as it seems. It is a long and complicated procedure that involves a lot of things. 

If you want to build a professional chicken rendering plant, please contact Sunrise. Sunrise will give you the perfect solutions for your projects. Chicken rendering plant is an important part of the chicken processing industry. It is a process that converts raw chicken parts into valuable products such as tallow, skin and feathers.

The rendering process involves washing, drying and grinding the raw materials before being cooked at high temperature until they reach a solid state. Once cooked, they are cooled down and passed through a separator where they are separated from grease, fat and other impurities that can be recycled or reused. The end product is called tallow or animal fat which can be used in making soap, candles or cosmetics. Here are the Systems of chicken rendering plant.

chicken rendering plant

Step 1: Raw Material Storage, Crushing, Conveying Systems

Firstly, after the harmless collection truck equipped with raw materials enters the harmless treatment workshop, the raw materials are directly unloaded into the raw material Sunrise Material Collection Bin. The door of the raw material storage warehouse is closed automatically after unloading, the automatic feeding system is opened, and then the materials are directly transported to the Sunrise Pre-crusher at a constant speed through the Screw Conveyor in a closed environment with negative pressure. The material is in a closed environment, under the action of the reamer, and is broken into 40mm-50mm meat.

The raw material warehouse and the pre-crushing machine can be cleaned and sterilized automatically after the Sunrise Pre-Crusher of the material transportation is completed. The broken material directly enters the stainless steel storage hopper, which plays the role of buffer storage, and then directly enters the high-temperature tank through the pipeline by using the negative-pressure hydraulic pump. The whole process is closed, long distance, high flow, and the conveying volume is 15-20 cubic meters per hour. The intelligent operation does not require direct contact with personnel to avoid secondary contamination of bacteria. Greatly improved the working environment.

Step 2: High Temperature Systems

After the material is loaded to the rated weight, the tank mouth is closed automatically, and the heating and pressure increase sterilization is started. After the temperature in the tank reaches 140 degrees (0.4Mpa), the pressure is maintained for 30 minutes (the pressure and temperature can also be adjusted according to different materials). And then it enters the drying stage, using low temperature vacuum drying to dry for 3-4 hours (adjusting the drying time according to the different moisture of the material). After that, the water content of the material is reduced to ≤20% and the oil content is about 30% .

Using Sunrise Batch Cooker processing, the whole process of feeding, cooking, drying, discharging is 5-6 hours. After the drying is finished, open the automatic discharge electronic control valve. The material through the Screw Conveyor directly into the semi-finished product storage warehouse, automatic discharge electronic control valve to ensure that there is no steam spillage without manual operation.

Step 3: Degreasing Systems

Semi-finished materials are sent into the heating pot of the Fat Screw Press through the Screw Conveyor. And then slowly into the press chamber of the Fat Screw Press for fat separation, the fat content of the material is reduced to 10-12%, and the meat and bone meal and fat are obtained.

After the separated oil is heated and stirred by the heating and stirring tank, it enters the horizontal centrifuge, and the purified crude oil is reached by physical centrifugation. The crude oil enters the finished Oil Storage Tank through the oil transfer pump and pipeline.

Step 4: Crushing & Packaging Systems

The meat and bone meal enters the cooling system through the Screw Conveyor, and the temperature of the material is cooled to room temperature ± 5°C, and then the material enters the crushing system (the hammer crushing unit is used to ensure the fineness of the crushing, and a complete set of dust removal equipment is equipped). The crushed materials are packed into the warehouse through the automatic weighing and packaging system.

Step 5: Exhaust Gas Treatment Systems

During the cooking and drying process, the high-concentration exhaust gas produced enters the condenser after being dusted by the Cyclone Dust Collector. And most of the high-temperature water vapor is condensed into condensed water. After the condensation, a small amount of gas is sprayed and washed by the three-stage scrubber. Trace amounts of gas end up in the biofilter.

During the production process, the medium-concentration waste gas generated by the raw material warehouse, pre-crusher, buffer warehouse, and oil press is collected by the induced draft fan through the pipeline, and then passed through the waste gas treatment equipment, and finally discharged up to the standard.

How To Choose Right Chicken Rendering Plant Machine?

For chicken rendering plants, rendering plant machines are very important, but how to choose the right equipment for your own plant? The following will give you some suggestions on choosing the right chicken rendering plant machine.

1. Choose The Right Type Of Rendering Machine

If you are going to build a chicken rendering plant, it is necessary to choose the right type of rendering machine such as Sunrise Rendering Plant Machines. The most common types of rendering machines include batch cooker, disc dryer,fat filtrator, fat screw press, and so on. You can choose the type according to your needs.

2. Choose The Right Size Of Disc Dryer

If you want to build a small-scale chicken rendering plant and only have a limited budget, then you may consider using batch cooker instead of disc dryer machines. Batch cooker are relatively cheaper than disc dryer and they are easy to use as well. However, if you want to build a large-scale chicken rendering plant and have more capital investment, then disc dryer machines should be used instead since they can save energy and time.

3. Choose a Good Quality Drum Dryer For Your Rendering Plant

For chicken rendering plants, rendering plant machines are very important, but how to choose the right equipment for your own plant? If you have never built a rendering plant before and do not have much experience with this kind of equipment, then we suggest that you start with a small-scale poultry processing plant first so that you can get some practice before moving on to larger projects.


Rendering plants can be a simple process with the right plant and the right support staff, the payoffs can be huge. The key is to remember that no facility is created equally, and each new plant must conduct its own research to determine what will work best for it. That process might take some time at first, but in the end, it will be well worth it.

If you want to build your own chicken rendering plant, but have not found a suitable solution, as a self-developed rendering plant equipment manufacturer, Sunrise has rich experience to provide you with professional services and a long-term guarantee for you. Sunrise is a professional machine manufacturer of chicken rendering plant and chicken feed processing line in China. Sunrise has been engaged in this field for many years, and Sunrise has accumulated rich experience and expertise in this industry.

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