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Best Batch Cooker Feather Powder Equipment Products

27 12 月, 2022

What’s A Batch Cooker?

As one of the batch cooker feather powder equipment products, the Batch cooker can be used for drying and heating the materials. The main task of the batch cooker is to cook feathers into feather meal, which has a high protein content, low ash content, and good stability.

In addition, it is also called the cooking machine or the cooking device. The main processing principle of this equipment is that it can not only be used for cooking various kinds of materials into different products but also can be used for drying and refining products after being cooked.

Batch cooker has been widely used in animal husbandry, the food processing industry, and other industries. The users can choose whether they want to cook their raw materials into raw material powder or into wet animal bones. The following are the main features of this machine:

1)The machinery adopts an advanced vertical closed-loop structure, with a constant temperature at every point in the process, and stable output parameters;

2)The machine has a high degree of automation, which greatly reduces labor costs and increases production efficiency;

3)The machine’s design is reasonable and reasonable, with high automation and simple operation;

4)The equipment uses stainless steel 304 material for supporting components to ensure its good corrosion resistance and long life span (30 years);

5)It has the functions of automatic feeding, heating, stirring, and discharging automatically to ensure that all processes are complete automatically;

Feather Meal Machines

Feather meal is an important raw material in the feed industry. It is used as a protein supplement aquaculture diets. It is highly digestible, highly palatable, and has a high nutritional value.

Feather meal also contains significant amounts of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. The use of feather meals in animal feed helps to reduce the cost of poultry production and improve livestock performance.

The cooked feather meal can be further processed into a fine powder by means of hammer milling or roller milling processes. After roller grinding, the particles are screened through sieves having various mesh sizes to obtain different particle sizes of the final product.

Sunrise Feather meal machine is used to crush and grind the feathers into powder. It can be ground into fine powder or coarse powder according to your requirements. In addition to Batch Cooker feather powder equipment products, Sunrise has other feather meal equipment, let us discuss together below

Ⅰ. Feather Meal Continuous Hydrolyser

The continuous hydrolyser series is the most advanced and easy-to-operate device at present, the hydrolyser is specially used for processing feathers, bristles, and animal offal, it injects direct and indirect steam into the highly compressed plugs of feathers. This disrupts the cellular structure of the feather and causes the fibers to break down and dissolve.

The hydrolyser is supplied as a complete, ready-to-install unit with all necessary instrumentation and valves, and is inexpensive to operate with only a few moving parts. These units are robustly designed and extremely reliable, so you can be sure of an uninterrupted supply of hydrolyzed feathers for your drying operation.

Ⅱ. Feather Meal Disc Dryer

The Feather Meal Disc Dryers are heated with indirect steam for continuous cooking or drying of animal by-products. The stator of the disc dryer is made of stainless steel. The rotor can be of mild steel or stainless steel design, depending on the characteristics of the product being dried. The equipment has a high capacity, which means that it is generally used in large slaughterhouses or harmless plants. The tray dryer can cook or dry continuously, which will save time in the production process, save energy and reduce operating costs.

batch cooker feather powder equipment products

Features Of The Feather Meal Disc Dryer:

  • 1. The larger heating surface can make the material cook and dry faster.
  • 2. The rotor has a central tube on which a large number of parallel double-walled disks arranged vertically are welded. In this design, the heating surface is very concentrated, which can realize the special spindle with the maximum evaporation capacity in a compact design, ensuring efficient and uniform hydrolysis.
  • 3. Different products have different feeding speeds, and different shovels and agitators can be used to adjust the feeding speed.
  • 4. Depending on the thickness of the disk, the application, the material specification, etc., the size and weight may also be different.

Ⅲ. Feather Meal Cooler

The Feather Meal Cooler is used to cool the product discharged from the dryer. The interior of the cold powder machine is composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator is designed as a cylindrical tube with end plates and brackets at both ends, equipped with observation holes, including cleaning brushes and holes, and the holes are equipped with butt flanges for Intake and exhaust. A centrifugal fan is installed at the air inlet to draw hot air from the barrel into the bag filter, and the airflow is adjusted by a manual damper.

The rotor consists of a rotor tube with stirring arms and paddles to lift the product into the cold air stream. The paddle can be adjusted to control the residence time in the cooler. The rotor is supported by roller bearings on each stator end plate and is driven by an electric motor through a simple and reliable planetary gear drive. The rotor is fitted with stirring arms and paddles to lift the product into the stator drum where it cools in contact with the air stream drawn from the stator by the centrifugal fan.

Feather Meal Cooler Features:

• The Feather Meal Cooler is a unique and innovative idea that allows you to cool down the feather meal very quickly and conveniently.

• The Feather Meal Cooler is made of stainless steel material, which makes it durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

• Its automatic cooling system works well, simple and sturdy construction with few components and wearing parts, making it an efficient and reliable solution.

Ⅳ. Anti-Pollution Machines

1. Cyclone Dust Collector

The cyclone dust collector is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate solid particles from a gas stream. The gas enters at the top of the cyclone and flows down through an inlet cone into the vortex created by the spinning blades. The heavier particles are pulled to the outside of the vortex by gravity, where they accumulate in a cone-shaped hopper, while the lighter gases escape through vents at the bottom.

The cyclone is an efficient, cost-effective way to remove large particles from your shop or workspace. It can also be used as a filtration system for removing fine dust from the air before it leaves your shop or building and travels into the atmosphere.

2. Vacuum Pump Unit

The Sunrise Vacuum Pump Unit (also known as a vacuum negative pressure device, vacuum negative pressure station, etc.) is a complete system that uses one or two water ring vacuum pumps as vacuum equipment and vacuum tanks as vacuum storage equipment. It is a device used to extract or pressurize gas and other non-corrosive, water-insoluble, and non-solid particles to form a vacuum or pressure in a closed container to meet the requirements of the production process.

A vacuum pump unit is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, sugar, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, environmental protection, and electronics industries. It has the advantages of compact structure, stable transmission, low noise, easy installation, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, and energy saving.

3. Waste Gas Purification Systemt

Tail gas digestion equipment is to carry out catalytic combustion and purification treatment on the malodorous gas extracted under negative pressure and vacuum conditions. The regenerative catalytic combustion treatment process is adopted to fully burn the substances in the malodorous gas, and the exhaust gas after combustion enters the spray tower for absorption and finally discharges up to the standard.

The porous refractory regenerator in the combustion furnace is loaded with a special catalyst with catalytic ability. The catalyst is adsorbed and deposited inside the heat storage body and has stable chemical properties. At the same time, the catalyst will maintain good cycle regeneration characteristics under high-temperature conditions, and its service life matches the full cycle life of the equipment.

Why Use Batch Cooker Feather Powder Equipment Products?

1. Safety Design:

The batch cooker feather powder equipment products adopt the safety design principle of belt speed modulation, avoiding the reverse rotating phenomenon which may cause serious accidents.

2. Energy-Saving Design:

The whole batch cooker feather powder equipment product adopts energy-saving design principles with low power consumption and low noise generation.

3. Efficient Working Process:

The whole process is continuous without stopping until finished to avoid short time loss; the output capacity is 3 tons per hour.

4. Easy Operation:

The batch cooker feather powder equipment product is easy to operate with simple manual operation procedures.


The Batch cooker produced by Sunrise Machinery has been widely used in the poultry industry, catering and other food industries for its unique design, flexibility, reliable performance, and economical easy operation.

With so many choices in the market, how do you choose the ideal batch of cookers for your needs? It depends on what you want from your cookers.

If you want to know more about the best batch cooker feather powder equipment products, call Sunrise Machinery. Sunrise supply all kinds of feather meal equipment, fish meal plant equipment, and meat bone meal machines to meet your needs.

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