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Find Animal Rendering Plant Solutions Form Sunrise

16 12 月, 2022

Introduction To Animal Rendering Plants

Many people feel emotional when they see animal rendering plants. Because the animal rendering plants are not safe and clean, many customers are afraid of them. However, the animal rendering plant is a very useful way for us to deal with slaughter waste. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand animal rendering plants.

Animal rendering plants are facilities that process the carcasses of dead animals into products such as tallow, grease, and other byproducts. Animal rendering plants include slaughterhouse poultry waste rendering plants and meat packing plants, their products are used in a variety of industries and applications. Choosing different refining plants requires different refining and processing machines so it’s important for you to understand the basic types of rendering plants.

Feather Meal Plant

The feather meal plant is a new and innovative concept that is being used by many farmers to dispose of feathers. The feathers are collected from poultry farms, and they are crushed and dried up through feather meal machines such as Sunrise Feather Press and Batch Cooker into a powder form. Then you can get the corresponding batch cooker feather powder equipment products thus the powders obtained can be used as an organic fertilizer.

Fish Meal Plant

Fish meal plant is a processing plant that converts a variety of fish products into various high-quality protein meals and oils. The raw material used in this fish meal plant line process is fish waste, bones, heads, fins, and viscera. The process involves cleaning, cooking, drying, and pulverizing the fish waste. The resultant powder is then used as an ingredient for animal feeds or fertilizer.

Meat Bone Meal Plant

The meat bone meal plant is a processing plant that manufactures meat bone meal. Meat bone meal is a byproduct of the rendering process and is used as an ingredient in fertilizer, animal feed, and other products. The meat bone meal plant process begins with raw materials coming into the facility and being processed through several Meat Bone Meal Processing Equipment such as Sunrise Disc Dryer and Sunrise Batch Cooker .

Rendering Plant

The rendering plant is to deal with the sick and dead animals from the breeding factory, the waste after slaughtering in the slaughterhouse, etc. The main products after detoxification are protein powder and oil. Protein powder can be used as an animal feed additive or organic fertilizer, and oil is used to make soap and candles.

New Internationally Leading Process And Technology

The new generation of Sunrise rendering equipment will meet all your requirements, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality. Sunrise rendering technology has reached an internationally advanced level, and its performance has been recognized by many customers at home and abroad.

The main processes of animal rendering plants include raw material storage and crushing system, high temperature and high-pressure cooking system, oil melting system, packaging system, waste gas treatment system in order to ensure the safety of material ingredients, the whole process does not need water.

There are two common methods of processing animal rendering plants: wet and dry. The wet method can improve the protein content of livestock and poultry bone meals by adding meat scraps or small intestine residues left over in the processing of meat products. The dry method can remove moisture from fresh meat residues under high-temperature conditions to produce meat and bone meal.

The Process Of Animal Rendering Plants

The equipment used in industrial meat processing factories has been tested and has reached safety requirements. All equipment is made of stainless steel materials that do not rust and change color easily. According to specific work needs, Sunrise can decide how many production lines will be needed.

The process of animal rendering plants is a complex one. It involves several steps, including collecting sick and dead animals in the breeding process of the farm, waste after slaughtering in the slaughterhouse, cooking the materials under high temperature and pressure, and then pressing to separate the fat and meat powder.

The first step in the process is the collection of dead animals to the rendering plant for poultry waste. These animals can be found on farms or other areas where they are raised for slaughter. Once the animals have been collected, they are brought to a rendering plant where they will be processed into other products.

animal rendering plants

The next step in this process is to crush these sick and dead animals put them into a cooking tank for high-temperature and high-pressure cooking, and then use an oil press to extract oil. The powder after oil extraction is crushed, packed, and the oil enters a centrifuge to separate out The slag inside then goes into the oil tank.

After all of this has been done, the finished meat powder and oil are packaged and sold to feed mills for processing. The meat powder can be used as an animal feed additive or organic fertilizer, and the oil is used to make soap and candles.

Better Deal With Animal Rendering Plants Pollution

The most common issues that arise from animal rendering are odors and air pollution. So Sunrise takes these machines such as Chemical Scrubber, Ionization Tower, Exhaust Abatement, etc for livestock and poultry harmless treatment.

The Sunrise Chemical Scrubber is used to treat the exhaust of the animal rendering plant by removing the odor of meat fats and grease. The scrubber works by adding an absorbent material to the exhaust stream, which use high-pressure spray equipment and atomized liquid medicine to full contact with odorous gas, so as to achieve the effect of purification, deodorization and cooling

The Sunrise Ionization Tower is an ideal treatment equipment for various occasions where waste gas purification is required. The equipment uses high-voltage electrodes to generate high-voltage electric fields. The molecular chains of organic substances in waste gas are shocked by high-voltage electric energy in the high-voltage electric field, and their molecular structures are completely destroyed, thus becoming charged particles, At the same time, the ozone generated in this process is used for oxidation to achieve the purpose of waste removal and purification.

The remaining particles, oil mist and other impurities are attached by the electrons released by the cathode line, move towards the anode tube under the action of the high-voltage electric field, and are collected and captured by the anode tube. On the inner wall of the anode tube, pollutants form a liquid film deposition and flow downward, so as to achieve the renewal and automatic cleaning of the electrode surface.

Rendering Plant Processing Equipment Manufacturer—Sunrise

Sunrise is committed to providing customers with high-quality products, excellent service, and complete solutions. Sunrise’s rendering equipment is adopted by many large-scale poultry slaughterhouses in China. It has been proved by customers that this technology can reduce energy consumption and improve product quality.

Sunrise has grown steadily over the past years due to its commitment to providing quality products and services at competitive prices. Sunrise’s goal has always been to provide customers with the highest quality product at a competitive price while maintaining the highest level of customer service possible.

In addition to its own research and development team, Sunrise also has a large number of partners who are experts in this industry. This cooperation allows Sunrise to quickly set up new technology processes for customers on demand, so as to better meet customer needs.

Animal Rendering Plant Sunrise Machines

Sunrise machines are designed especially for animal rendering plants. These machines are energy efficient and easy to use. They are cost-effective and give excellent results. Machines such as Sunrise Batch Cooker can be used to process any kind of animal by-products such as meat scraps, bones, guts, heads, etc.

Batch Cooker

Jiangsu Sunrise Batch Cooker is used to sterilize, hydrolyze, and dry animal by-products. Batch processing equipment is one of the most important components in drying processing production equipment. It has three standard capacities to meet the capacity requirements of different production equipment. Jiangsu Sunrise Batch Cooking equipment can be used to process the following animal by-products: mixed meat offal and aggregate, raw blood, wet feathers, mixed poultry offal, etc.


•3 tons to 10 tons feed quantity per batch

•Simple operation, easy maintenance, and high efficiency

•Suitable for processing animal fat, including tallow and lard, into crude oil and albumen powder products

Continuous Hydrolyser

The Sunrise Continuous Hydrolyser is designed to be a simple, robust, and efficient unit. The unit is easy to operate and maintain. The stainless steel construction ensures that the unit is easy to clean, as well as being a hygienic environment for the processing of raw materials. The unit can easily be integrated into an existing rendering plant or stand-alone system.


•Completely enclosed system with no risk of contamination

• Low steam consumption, 0.71lbs raw material feather per kg

•Low maintenance costs due to its simplicity of design, low power consumption, and high efficiency

If you are planning to build a rendering plant or need some meat and bone meal processing equipment, please feel free to contact Sunrise. Sunrise is an animal rendering plant equipment manufacturer integrating technology research and development and design, equipment production, machine installation training, and project handover. It provides professional services, focuses on pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services, and protects the rights and interests of customers.

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