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Fish Meal Plant machine & Feather Meal Machine

For 30 years, it has been focusing on livestock and poultry rendering plant processing equipment, slaughter waste protein resource conversion equipment and animal fat smelting equipment.

To provide you with professional livestock and poultry rendering plant solutions.


Rendering plant processing equipment manufacturer

Sunrise is a comprehensive environmental protection technology limited company dedicated to the feld of animal protein, oil, nutrition,food,bio- technology and solid waste treatment. Our company has introduced and absorbed equipment manufacturing technology, project processing technology   and effcient management mode for a century in Europe. Depth development of domestic and foreign markets, and to provide high quality services and provide customers with the perfect solution.

In today's increasingly competitive market, The challenge for our company must to face is how to maintain our dominance in the market by providing high_quality  and price-competitive products.

Superb Technology

Sunrise has world's leading technology in the industry, has a professional R&D team. Our rendering equipment uses drying process of the system, and the market share of more than 80% at home.

Excellent Equipment Quality

Sunrise has introduced and absorbed equipment manufacturing technology and project processing technology, and rely on the unremitting efforts of all staff to providing high quality and price-competitive products.

Delicacy After-Sale Service

We provide customers with designing the single or complex equipment of the process flow, producing, guiding installation, debugging, taining and so on with quality service craftsmanship with high quality service.













Rendering plant processing equipment manufacturer

Equipment Display

A comprehensive environmental protection technology company dedicated to the fields of animal protein and nutrition, animal oils and fats, food and biotechnology, kitchen waste treatment, and sludge reduction treatment.

Air Cooled Condenser

Air Cooled Condenser

Feather Meal Machine Fish Meal Plant machine Meat Bone Meal Machine Rendering Plant Machine

Metal detector

Metal Detector

Feather Meal Machine Fish Meal Plant machine Meat Bone Meal Machine Rendering Plant Machine

Milling Plant

Feather Meal Machine Fish Meal Plant machine Meat Bone Meal Machine Rendering Plant Machine

oil tank

Oil Tank

Fish Meal Plant machine Meat Bone Meal Machine Rendering Plant Machine

Exhaust Abatement

Exhaust Abatement

Feather Meal Machine Fish Meal Plant machine Meat Bone Meal Machine Rendering Plant Machine

Case Display

Please see our realized projects.
If you need any machine, please contact us by e-mail: wangjian@cnsenrong.com

Domestic Project

Shuanghui Group is located in Luohe city Henan province, it began to run in February 2015, its capacity is 200 thousand birds chicken feather and 10T dead chicken per day.

Global Cooperation

We have far-reaching and meaningful cooperation with international companies AGROSUPER, DLG, Leong HUP, CP Group. We provide excellent equipment and formulate exclusive solutions for them.

Future Development

Focus on the industry, continuous innovation. Empower customers, add luster to the industry.
IoT platform and animal husbandry ecology branch collection hall.


Happy Customers

Sunrise is a modern machinery company with technology research and development, Process Design, Manufacturing, Process teaching and Installation training.

The rendering equipment is great, the efficiency of specialized equipment tailored to my company's operations is high, I recommend sunrise!

Tobias Gath

I had a problem during the installation of the twin screw press, they guided me patiently and carefully, and solved the problem quickly, thanks very much.

Mathias Merker

I like Sunrise's service very much, if the equipment is broken, they can get a good after-sales service.

Anders Juul

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hqt Oct 26 2022
IoT Platform&Animal husbandry ecology branch collection hall

Future development Focus on the industry, continuous innovation Empower customers, add luster to the industry IoT Platform: Animal husbandry ecology branch collection hall

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What Is A Rendering Plant?

What is a rendering plant? A rendering plant is a facility that converts meat by-products or carcasses into usable products such as tallow, chicken fat, grease, meat, and bone meal. Rendering plants are typically used to dispose of animal carcasses, but they also serve an important role in the recycling industry. Rendering plants also process animal fats and oils for use in many applications, including food production, soap making, and cosmetics production. Rendering animal products are used in both the commercial and household sectors. Commercial rendering plants These facilities process animal byproducts from slaughterhouses, meat-packing plants, dairies, and other sources. They can also process restaurant grease and used cooking oil. The rendered materials are edible or inedible and then sold as ingredients to manufacturers who use them to make soap, candles, and other products. Household rendering plants Household rendering plants recycle kitchen fats, oils, and grease into biodiesel fuel. These facilities are often operated by local government agencies or

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